Standard Hydrostatic Drive Vehicle Specs

-Powder-Coated .100 Aluminum Construction body
-2”x4” aluminum construction
-Powder coated mechanical components
-820 lbs. approx vehicle wgt, EXT 850lbs
-675 lbs. capacity
-63"W X 12’ 4”L X49” H (overall)
-Body 57”x 8’11”x15”
-EXT 63"WX14'4"X49H (overall)
​-EXT Body 57"x10'11"x15"
-Ground clearance 0-12”
-2” thick closed cell foam filled floor
cavity with .060 aluminum floor plate
-.100 aluminum Engine Buoyancy Pod
with internal buoyancy foam
-Rubber back wall to wall floor carpet(
-Independent Front/Rear lift system.
-Two 12vdc 8” 1200 linear actuators  
-LED Head and Taillights
-Cushioned rear bench
-Twin Layer canvas shelter 600D
-26.5 HP 747cc Kohler Gasoline Engine, 4 stroke EFI
-Electric start
-Interstate 51 series battery
-Fuel capacity 5 gallons
-Hydrostatic drive means *NO BELTS OR PULLIES* (
-Hydrostatic dynamic braking 
-Synthetics hydraulic flued for ALL weather operation

-Speed 0-22mph
-Rear tuned, spring over shock suspension
-Low pressure/High floatation Tires 

22x10-10 front,   27x 12 - 10 rear
EXT 22x10-10 front,  32x15-15 rear
-Aluminum wheels 
-Four 10” fishing holes with watertight dual purpose plugs
-Storage under seat, hood, and nose area
-Open floor plan for Customization
-Stick steering 18” throw lock to lock
-Stick flow control lever (speed and directional change)  

The Wilcraft is an ice fishing vehicle, it's a hunting vehicle, it's the outdoor sportsman's dream, it's the latest and greatest thing on Water, Ice, and Land.

Here are only some of the reasons to own a Wil craft :

We all know it takes quite an effort to get your equipment and shelter onto the ice and set up or to get your decoys placed and retrieve your waterfowl. With the Wilcraft — step in — twist the key — and you're off; effortless... On the spur of the 
moment, you can decide to catch that evening bite and a half hour later head back home.

Normally, it takes a fair amount of time to ready yourself every time you want to move. With the Wil
craft, the top opens in one motion and in an instant, the hull raises with the press of a couple switches, in a matter of seconds you're on your way. You are able to fish a lake or hunt a slough more effectively and efficiently than ever before

The Wil
craft has a watertight hull and sealable fishing holes, in short, it floats. As you travel across lake ice, the confidence and peace of mind it gives you is amazing.

Wilcraft is extremely light footprint will have you on the ice well before others and all the way through late ice.
EVEN after the ice is pulling away from shore... 
EVEN after the ice is gone...
This ice house does not have to be mothballed and stuffed in the Garage or Shed. The Wilcraft  can be used year round. 
Be it Woods, Water, Field or Ice.  The WILcraft is a Hunting, Ice Fishing, And Open Water MACHINE.

The Quality Is In The Details